We have to stick together in the search for Mr. Right. You know how men say women are complicated? Well men are even more complicated. They say one thing, but you think he is saying something else. Dating is like going through a maze of  Mr.  Wrongs; and even when sparks fly, you don’t know if you should or you shouldn’t let your guard down and succumb to the throws of passion. Then you wonder if HE will call you again. You carry your phone around as if it is stuck to you like glue waiting for that one phone call that shows you that you are the one in his eyes. In the meantime, he is basking in the glory of the afterglow of passion with no clue as to how you are feeling. Sound familiar? Well come closer. I have something to share with you. I purchased this awesome program about THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT MEN WANT, and I am loving what I am learning from this program. I want to share it with you.

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