I recently became a Certified Fairyologist through Doreen Virtue. Since the very beginning of my journey to see, feel, believe and connect with the fairies, at least 3-4 times a day, I have been going out on my screened in porch and  talking to and praying to God and my fairies. I have a little fairy garden out there as well.  I like to sit out there, because it feels like I am out in nature. I live in a condo. Although I have never had a green thumb, I created a little fairy garden on my screened in porch, and everyday I water the plants as I talk to the Fairies. Every time I walk out there to wish them a good morning or good afternoon or good evening, I feel chills running through my body.

This evening about 8 or 8:30pm as it was getting dark (best times to see them), I walked out on the porch to say good evening and to talk to the fairies and God about something that is important to me. All of a sudden, I saw a fairy orb. I had never seen one before, but I knew instantly what it was.  The orb  got closer and closer to me. It was white and the outer edge  of the orb was red. It stayed there for about 30 seconds before it disappeared. I was so blown away that I cried.

I feel so honored that the fairies have grown to trust me and like me and they are listening to me. Wow! I am so grateful to have had this amazing experience. It reminds me that it even at my age of 65, it is a beautiful thing to believe in, feel and see fairies.  You can too, and I am here to help you  feel, see and connect with the fairies. Life is magical, and it is time to connect to the magic within us. 

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