I am in a private Facebook book club, and at the moment, we are on the first chapter of “The Soulmate Secret”. I just had to stop reading and reveal some of my thoughts to you all. I already believe that this book will have as much of an effect on me as ” Calling In The One” did. For me, “Calling In The One” was like being in an intense workshop. Lots of “stuff” came up and out, and the weekly group calls that the book club helped intensely.

In the book, she talks about  visualization through feeling it, which she calls “Feelingization”  I have in the past used “feelingization” to manifest my deepest desires. I moved from California to Florida and manifested a home through feelingization plus much more in 2003. It works.

A few years ago, I believed that God didn’t want me to be in a relationship and that he also didn’t want me to have sex anymore. Stupid belief I know, but it was successful in keeping me from me being in  an emotionally intimate relationship. The truth is that I eventually came to the realization that I did not want myself in a relationship. I feared “connection”, and so I kept myself free of the feelings of connection. To me connection was like someone entering my space. I lived in a home where my mother (RIP) continuously violated my space.

I always said that if by some miracle I ended up living with someone (which seemed impossible to me), we would have to have separate bathrooms, our bedroom and his and her bedrooms for space. When I met this last guy I was most recently with, I connected with him on a level I never connected with a man before intimately, spiritually and sexually. Now I know the theory of separation in relationships, living together is not what I am willing to experience anymore. I AM NOW willing to share my “space”.

That deeply connected feeling I experienced with this guy I was with helped me for some reason to feel beautiful inside. So I know that I am capable of connection, and  now I can honestly say I know what it feels like; and I can do feelingization to create that feeling again. Just sayin…..:-)


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