Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Michael for protection and important messages  and Archangel Gabriel for  assisting me in writing my book. 

In my dream, which was around 5am this morning, I was in a restaurant, and I  ordered a salad . I specifically asked for Thousand Island Dressing, but they did not include the dressing.  I ended up using French dressing.  I also ordered a chicken wrap, and they brought me a wrap with white wierd stuff in it. I can tell you that I completely understood the dream. My deepest desire is to visit France; however, with the terrorist attacks going on right now, I have put off that dream. I  cancelled a Mediterranean and European cruise in March, 3 days before the cruise, due to a terrorist attack and the state department saying it was not safe to go to Europe.  In October and this coming February, I will be going on Caribbean Cruises visiting the Caribbean Islands. I feel like Archangel Michael is saying that he will protect me if I go to Europe and not to be chicken. I will consider Europe for 2017 or 2018. 

Today, I feel like I had a good day in writing my book.

ADDENDUM: The dream can also be explained as a prophetic dream. Last Friday, 9/16, I went to lunch with a friend. I ordered a chicken salad with thousand island dressing. My friend ordered some kind of French dip sandwich with cheese. The sandwich looked just like the sandwich in my dreams. Who knew…..