The fairies have some important information for you. They are saying that there will be an upcoming event taking place that is going to be unbelievable swift in happening and this event will turn your life around. This is an extraordinary event that will enable you to channel your inner God, your fairies, your angels, etc. There will be a positive outcome to this event. The fairies  also want you to know that you have the ability to transform the situation you are in. do not be fooled by people who pretend to be understanding of your situation. you are the only one that knows your story. your story is your story, and they cannot judge you. the fairies are saying that the end of the darkness within you is near.  There is a light shining down on you and this light is the light of God (or whoever you feel a connection to). God’s light is open to you, but you must share this light with your heart. You are going to have an experience with a larger then life soul that comes to you for guidance. this larger than life soul is going to be the beautiful connection that you are yearning for to grow and learn from.


I picked a card from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck, for a universal message for you my blog readers. It is the card of YOUR WISH IS GRANTED. It is telling me that this wish of yours is going to bring you peace of mind. i sense that you have been sitting on this wish for awhile. tremendous opportunities flow to you in regards to this wish.

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