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I created my blog to share my heart and soul with you all and have you join me in my healing journey of self discovery.

I am so excited. This evening, I had the most incredible session with Joanna Kennedy (The Center of Love and Happiness) in Colorado. She is a love, sex and relationship coach, and this was the 7th session I have had with her over the phone. She does a guided  meditation, and she has helped me in letting go of  past issues that I had placed in my way to being in a loving and connected relationship with a man. With her help in the last six sessions, as I stated in previous posts, I met and connected with a man who I willingly let into my sacred space.  I allowed myself to connect with him and share that space on every level. Sharing my sacred space with him was something I don’t think I have ever allowed myself to experience before, since connecting with another meant that my emotional space would be violated. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that all my other relationships up until this point had to have had some level of superficiality.

During the meditation, she had me bring in my inner child at different ages, and we all worked through what needed to be released. Towards the end of the meditation, she had us all blend into one. It felt literally that I was in court and that legal action was taken to take my sacred space back from my mother. We all celebrated. My affirmation: “I feel connected to my sacred space”.  Of all the sessions  I have had with her, this was the most intense.

I am growing and evolving at great speed.  I am excited at the prospect of FINALLY knowing what I want, and I thank this last man for lighting my path to future love even though I wish it wasn’t over him.  I  want to meet someone someday with the eventual goal of living together. I never wanted that before. Now I do more then anything. I want to live in a cozy comfy home (doesn’t matter how big or small it is) as long as we sleep every night in the same bed and never go to bed angry (something my mother taught me). I want to share every ounce of me with someone and vice versa. Click here to read my prior blog post on Our Bedroom + His And Her Bedrooms.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday who I went to Junior High School with. She has been married  for probably about 18 years. They have no sex and no intimacy. She thinks it is because she gained a lot of weight. Upon going into more depth with her, she confessed that she doesn’t like to kiss, and that she has never allowed him to French Kiss her.  I mean NEVER.  That blew me away, because  French kissing is a major part of true intimacy. French kissing inspires and brings out the super sexy spirit within us, and it helps us to feel emotionally and sexually alive. Deep passionate juicy intense kissing helps us all to feel emotionally and sexually alive. It keeps the connection going. Now there I go again. I just discovered a new future blog. All About French Kissing… Pucker up  and stay tuned……