In 27 days from today, I will be in Boca Raton, Florida at Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny.  I booked it Thanksgiving weekend last year after going to Unleash The Power Within in New York, and I can’t believe Date With Destiny is finally almost here. Unleash The Power Within was like being in a rock concert, so I know Date With Destiny is going to be one major incredible powerful experience for me. I can’t wait to meet other like minded Tony Robbins people like me and to work on myself and transform. I am also quite active in the private Facebook group “Ultimate Love and Passion”.  Ultimate Love and Passion is a group for singles who are into their personal growth. Most of  us are involved in Tony Robbins seminars, and I am excited to meet  many of my Ultimate Love and Passion friends in person . I am ready. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I really need some emotional healing.

For the last five weeks, I have not been feeling my best.  It started with a severe cold, and now it seems to be some kind of viral infection (according to the doctor). I also have a severe cough-bronchial spasms. I am working very hard to build up my immune system, so I can be 100% present during Date With Destiny. I am using Oil Of Oregano and putting drops of Echinicea and Goldenseal into my water.  Yesterday I bought the Essential Oil, On Guard. I would appreciate any other recommendations.

Louise Hay states that for every illness and physical problem, there is an emotional reason for it. In Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, she has an affirmation for Coughing. Louise Hay indicates that coughing means “a desire to bark at the world. Listen to me“. I can see where that comes into play for me.

Louise Hay’s Affirmation for me to repeat is: “I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved“. This affirmation resonates with me, because I was in a very short “connected” relationship with someone who I felt was my Twin Flame, and it ended quite suddenly. I had already fallen for him, so it has been an emotional time for me. How does one forget their Twin Flame? I know that in time I will move on. Thank you God for blessing me with the money and intuition to book Date With Destiny last year.


Yup that’s me. I am a human being with emotional feelings and a Psychic Love Coach. God gave me my beautiful special psychic gifts to help YOU overcome any love dilemmas. Click here for my Psychic Love Coaching Programs for singles looking for epic love. Epic love is soul mate love. We all have more then one soul mate; so when one soul mate relationship ends, we can manifest a new soul mate relationship. I teach you how.



 I have had several of these charts done. They are very accurate, and  they have helped me to get through this emotional time I am going through. Make sure you tell them the code PINK for some bonus offers



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