I wanted to share with you all my wonderful experience at the Uneash The Power Within Seminar with Tony Robbins in New York this past week 11/7-11, 2013.I have listened to Tony’s CD’s before, but I’ve never experienced him in person. The tapes don’t even compare to his bountiful powerful energy that comes from experiencing Tony Robbins himself. Those four days were like being in a four-day rock concert. He has incredible energy; and through the seminar, I literally feel like he passed on all that energy to me. Amazing! There were 5000 people attending the seminar along with 600 staff, crew members, assistants and volunteers.

I am not going to share with you the particulars of the “exercises” we did, because I have learned from past seminars and workshops that part of the element of growth in the “surprise” element. I will, however, tell you that there is a Firewalk the first night.

Tony does the firewalk the first night, because It represents facing your fears. Once you face your fears, you can accomplishing anything. Tony prepped us for two hours before the firewalk. We did have to sign wavers to say that the Tony Robbins Organzation was not responsible. I made a decision NOT do the Firewalk, because I knew that I didn’t need to walk on fire to get what I needed out of the seminar.  Yes there was an element of fear in me; however, about 22 years ago at the age of 40, I overcame my fear of driving by facing the fear and doing it anyway. That is when my life began. Before that, I lived my life in “slow motion”.

One of the exercises we did was about changing our core beliefs. I have been to quite a few seminars and workshops, but I never got to the very core of my belief system. Through a powerful exercise that we did, I got loud and clear that my core belief was that “everything and everybody that I love will be taken away from me”. That became my belief that I carried through life and my biggest fear. We all know what we fear, we create. That included money and relationships. No matter how much or how little money I had, I always came from a place of not having enough and what if someday I didn’t have any money or what if I lose it. It was a constant struggle for me to live in the moment, and that belief brought a lot of inner stress into my body, mind, soul and spirit.  After the exercise, I suddenly had an ah ha moment while sitting and listening to Tony. It was “WOW! I CAN KEEP ALL OF MY MONEY!” This also relates to love and relationships. I have had a lot of short relationships, and I blaimed it on my failed short marriage on my ex husband. All along, however, it was my inner belief that created these short relationships. There was another ah ha moment that I COULD keep a man in my life.

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