I have for sale in my store a brand new Reiki Attunement called TWIN FLAME REIKI ATTUNEMENT by Daelyn Wolf.   So far, I have meditated with the energies of the Twin Flame Reiki Attunement twice-last night and this morning.

When I meditated with the energies of the Twin Flame Reiki Attunement last night, I felt the power and energy of two souls connecting. At first, I got the feeling of freedom and being more open and free then I have ever been before. I felt like there were no blocks within me and around me to attract my twin flame. I danced around with the most freeing energy. I then  saw another soul -perhaps my twin flame. Electric energy flowed between us. I felt it. It was like a lightening jolt.

This morning was even more profound. WOW! I was taken into the flame, which I want to call Twin Flame Energy. I was bathed in it. It was like a beautiful gift being surrounded in the flame. I felt chills all up and down my body. WOWZA! I also got tears in my eyes.  Those who have read my other blog posts know that recently  I felt 100% positive that I met my Twin Flame. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out. When I asked in my meditation if I had met my Twin Flame yet, I saw a man riding away on a bicycle. This man was a major bicycle rider. I am not sure of what that means yet, but you can be sure I will be calling this attunement in again tomorrow.

Twin Flame Reiki connects you to your Twin Flame and to Spirit for empowerment, enlightenment and healing.  Twin Flames are like identical twins that are born on earth in the physical plane. When you look at your twin flame, it is like looking at a mirrored image of yourself. The main difference is that one will be male and one female. At the very least, one will embody male energies, and the other will embody female energies, even if both are of the same sex. The energy being that was once one soul splits and becomes two whole complete souls. Twin flames are two individuals with a very powerful connection.The energies of Twin Flame Reiki opens the connection to your Twin Flame for an exchange of guidance, love, and light energies. Your Twin Flame is the Yin Yang half of you. While each of us is a complete spirit and soul, your Twin Flame reflects either the masculine or feminine yang or yin side of you. The connection between you is very strong and once you connect energetically you will be able to exchange energy and wisdom.


When you purchase the Twin Flame Reiki Attunement from me, you will receive the manual written by the founder, Daelyn Wolf, and a free follow up psychic reading after I have chi balled the energy of the attunement to you for you to call in at your convenience. The free follow up psychic reading has to do with Twin Flame/Soul Mate Psychic Reading. You may ask one Twin Soul/Soul Mate question in two lines or less. 

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