I am excited to share a couple of really awesome articles that a friend sent to me about Twin Flames. I have always believed that we have more then one soul mate; however, there are those who share the belief of having only one soul mate in their life time. That belief I feel sabotages the belief of falling in love with another after having been in what they thought was their first soul mate relationship. When one soul mate relationship ends we have the power within us through affirmations, meditation, prayer, etc, to create a new soul mate relationship. With that being said, I believe that we also have more then one twin flame that shares our soul space even though the majority don’t believe in that concept. 

That is a pretty awesome breakthrough for me, since up until recently I didn’t believe in Twin Flames.  We are in charge of our own reality; so why shouldn’t we have more then one Twin Flame that shares our soul space. Everyone’s reality is different, special and unique to them. There is no right or wrong  belief  to have for our own special and unique reality. We create what we believe.

For me discovering the whole concepts of Twin Souls has been a major impact for me on my whole growth and development within me concerning my love life. The whole idea that somebody can share my soul space is intriguing to me. I have always done readings for my clients regarding soul mate relationships; however, now I will be dong Twin Flame Readings. Look for the announcement  of these readings available by email and phone within the next couple of days.

The idea that somebody can share my soul space has always been intriguing to me. When you feel someone thinking of you, that soul at that very moment in time is sharing your soul space and speaking to you from their heart. At that moment what you are feeling is exactly what they are feeling. You are having soul to soul communication with them.  In the 30 + years I have been doing readings for my clients, the bulk of my readings have been on  soul mate relationships and what a soul connection is feeling about them; however, now I will be dong Twin Flame Readings. Look for the announcement  of these readings available by email and phone within the next couple of days.

HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR TWIN FLAME THROUGH ORGASMS By Dr. Amanda Noelle – I find this article incredible mind blowing only because a few weeks before I met the last man I was dating, I had a major whole body orgasm that took over my whole body in my sleep.  A week later I had another sex dream as well. I can’t wait for you to read it. Please come back after you read the article and let me know your comments on this article. I can’t wait to hear them.

7 STAGES OF TWIN FLAME RELATIONSHIPS FROM ASTROLOGYANSWERS.COM – I found this article to be very fascinating as well.  I think you will too. Twin Flame relationships it seems from this article are not without struggle.  Please comment on this article as well. I am interested in knowing your view points.

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