Success is a feeling within us, and when we feel success, we taste it. It could be your love life, your sex life, your financial life, your career, etc. Success is scrumptiously delicious, and it is what WE believe individually what success tastes like AND FEELS LIKE. If we can literally “taste” success what would it taste like to you? For me, it would taste like chocolate; however, for you, success could taste like pizza.

Visualize everyday that you are tasting success. Experience the delicious flavor of success.  Meditate with those feelings, and see yourself tasting AND FEELING success.. Try this visualization technique about 15 minutes a day. Pretend like you are talking to a friend, and out loud talk about how good success tastes to you; and while you are describing it, allow yourself to FEEL the taste of success.  If it helps any, I close my eyes when doing this visualization technique.

Everyone has their own interpretation and belief about what success is. For me, it is the ability to reach my love and relationship goals and my money and success goals easily and effortlessly and as quickly as possible; however, success could be right under your nose, and we might not see it. That is because many people are looking for success outside of themselves for building their vision of their perfect successful futures.

In 1989, I was living in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. I was making a name for myself as a psychic by getting on TV, Radio,  People recognized me on the street, in restaurants, etc. as the psychic medium on TV. My parents looked at me as a failure, because monetarily I was a failure to them. In their eyes, success has to do with money. I believe we can have success in anything we do (whether prosperous or not). A writer could have a successful day, because they wrote 50 pages in a book that day. A singer could have success, because he/she was offered a gig for a weekend. SEEING ourselves as successful is the first step in achieving success monetarily or otherwise. I chose to buy into my parent’s belief and allowed them to sway me into moving closer to them. It was a difficult transition and move, and it took me a long time to taste the feeling of success again.

Success carries a lot of “responsibility” and “commitment” for some people, because they are not sure they can handle too much prosperity and success. For some people, limiting their prosperity and success, allows them to isolate themselves, so as not to be too responsible or too  connected to anything or anyone (as in my case). Success with money even carries a bigger responsibility.

My uncle (who passed on many years ago), never allowed himself the luxury of prosperity and success. He lived in a one room studio in the worst part of Hollywood for many many years. I don’t think he ever believed he was worthy of success or prosperity.