I know that it is breast cancer month, and I honor and love  all of you who currently  have and have had breast cancer by continuing to wear pink in my usual hot pink fashion.  I have not (knock on wood) had breast cancer, but I am 100% into supporting the cause. As you can see, I drive around in a hot pink car  with a giant pink smile on my face. I am living my dream.

Allow me to start at the beginning of my “pink” transformation. Twenty Nine years ago, at the age of 35, I went to a hypnotherapist to work on some personal issues. Up until that point, I wore red everyday of my life (seriously).  Wearing red represented power, success and sexual freedom to me. I needed as much red as I could receive, because I was out there in the business world being a secretary and working very hard to not be surpressed by my childhood. Being a secretary didn’t feel like ME and it didn’t fit with my “unique” personality. It was my mother’s dream, not mine. I did not fit into the corporate world. I wore (and still do) flowers in my hair everyday, etc.  I felt like there was more to me then that. I knew back then from the very depths of my soul that I was meant to be more and do more. I knew a made a difference, and I wanted to make more of a difference. My deepest desire was (and still is) to be a professional psychic. My psychic powers were coming on at full force back then, and the color red brought out my psychic powers even more. I was pretty aggressive out there as well in the dating world. At the time, as a single woman, romantically I wanted to “conquer” men. NOW I desire to “connect” with and love someone.

On my very first visit, the hypnotherapist saw right through my “red facade” and decided to soften up my energy. She did, and I immediately switched from red to pink. To this day, 29 years later, I cannot wear red. Wearing the color pink  makes me want to smile everyday, and it represents freedom to me and my own personal independence. Up until, I moved to Florida (from California) July 31, 2003 at the age of 52, to live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, I lived in the constant shadow of my mother’s controlling energy. I lived about 15 minutes from her, but she was constantly wanting to know where I was and who I was with. It drove me crazy.

I felt like I could not be myself in California, so I moved on the wings of a whim and a dream. I thank God that I had the strength and courage to make a 3000 mile move just like that, because it  paid off for me big time. It was synchronicity at it’s best. It was the the first time that I was able to express my hot pink personality with my wall to wall hot pink carpet, my pink home and my hot pink car. I am being me, and it only took until 11 years ago to discover ME.  Wearing pink also helps me to feel the “connection” to my heart; and when I feel connected to my heart, I feel love. I no longer try to control with my energy. I long for a relationship where we are “equals” and where love flows to and from eachother with ease. I know he’s out there waiting for me and vice versa

Allow me to finish this blog by stating that REAL MEN WEAR PINK. For those  straight men who dare to wear pink, I salute you 100%.  You are not afraid to allow your feminine side to shine brightly whether it is breast cancer month or not. You are confident in your own masculine energy, and you don’t care what others think. Men like you are a rare breed and very difficult to find. If you are out there,  single, available and reading this, I want to know you; because you are the soul mate I have been looking for.